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In cooperation with the Hellenic Maintenance Society (HMS) & Alpha Plan Consultants, Interklark contributes to the upgrading of Logistic Services in Greece. We have introduced a series of educational programs on «Safe use and proper maintenance of forklift trucks».

According to reliable statistics, the failure to introduce safety and maintenance culture results to extra costs in expensive repairs, loss of working hours and damaged goods.

The Introduction of Safety & Maintenance culture with procedures like 
Recognising -> Reporting ->Diagnosing -> Fixing -> Re-checking the Maintenance -> Proposing Improvements 
bring maximum benefits to each company.

Below you can see sections of the course.


  1. Safety rules for forklift operators 
  2. Techniques for Load Handling 
  3. Avoiding and Responding to Overturning 
  4. Real-life examples 

Please send your applications to sales@interklark.gr


April 2009 Seminar


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