John Abbott – Quality System Manager, Marketing Manager

My story in Interklark started the milestone-year of 2004: it was the time that the company went to a higher level and established itself as the only specialized supplier of forklift spare parts in Greece and the wider area. During all these years in Interklark, I changed quite a few positions, albeit most of the time my work had to do with the sales and marketing. When the company was certified to ISO 9001:2015 quality standard, I took over the position of the Quality manager. This position offers the opportunity to get to know deeply and objectively both the company itself, its structure, its processes and its ever-changing environment, both immediate or not. Simultaneously, serving this position allows its holder to contribute decisively and with effective proposals to the company’s medium and long-term strategy. In general, the info obtained by the Quality System can benefit all the departments of the company but the department where this benefit is quickly capitalized is Marketing. And thus arose the job description that accompanies my name! This job is particularly demanding for its holder on the grounds that he/she must process too much data and combine many factors to come to conclusions and create effective strategic proposals. And this is only possible when the Quality executive holds a global view and uses deductive reasoning. Moreover, the Quality manager must stop focusing on individual cases and generalize after them. Quality manager must also escape the practice, very popular lately mainly due to the pandemic, that imposes the company to deal exclusively with the "urgent" and leave aside organization and planning . At the same time, “Quality Manager” is a fascinating job because the working days vary from one another and the work is not standardized into a specific routine. Generally speaking, working for  Interklark is definitely fascinating because the clientele expands to a wide range of sectors and our employees, particularly those who work as salespersons, order receivers or marketing executives, can shape an overall view about the whole of the market. For example, 2-3 years ago, when there was an increase in the inquiries of the building materials sector, it was obvious that the real estate had restarted (which was true due to the rise of Airbnb!). Similar conclusions can be taken for practically every sector of the economy from Animal Food production to Fruit/Vegetables sorting lines and from Distribution to Canning industry. The major advantage in Interklark is the flexibility in personnel management: the employees are encouraged to take initiatives and finally shape their jobs, always within the frame of the organogram and the Quality System.   

On the other hand, the responsibility of the company towards the market that serves and supports is big: Interklark remains commited to its role and keeps improving amongst external risks and difficulties (economic recession, pandemic etc), and always declares its support to the customers. Interklark has full conciousness of its role and its commitments and at the same time is totally oriented to its social responsibility. The Quality System protects Interklark from hidden risks, it reinforces and supports the company’s presence in the market, it nurtures and develops the quality culture inside the company, it promotes cooperative spirit and social responsibility. And I, personally, strongly believe that these qualities must be the main components of every business, and concerning the quality itself, certified or not, this is the magic rod that adds value to the provided products and services, optimizes the business relations and upgrades the market for the benefit of all of us. 


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